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Coffee guy

I was standing in line one day to buy a nice warm cup of coffee at this cart thing where they sell it. While waiting for the coffee to be ready the guy started talking to me asking me what grade I’m in and what my plans are for the future. I told him I didn’t really know what my plans would be. Then he asked if I wanted to attend Uni and I told him I did. He then asked me how I feel about the upcoming BAC (a very important exam here). I told him I was nervous.

He then told me that I shouldn’t be. The results of that exam wouldn’t really matter anyway and if I would go on and join University I would have 20 exams just like that one every semester. I wasn’t all that surprised about that, knowing some people who go through that already but it was different hearing it that way. It made me feel two things: hope and sadness. Hope, that maybe that exam wouldn’t be the end of me after all and sadness caused by the thought that I would have to endure that same thing every semester, for as long as I would stay in Uni.

I think everyone thinks at least once about the alternative. Dropping out or not going to University at all. The fact is, There are really no jobs for people who don’t have any kind of post-high school diploma, at least here. I mean jobs which bring you an income that keeps you economically stable. You can dream about starting a tech company that will bring you millions of dollars. I don’t want to though. I choose to endure the horse-manure they put students through because at the end of the day, at least I’ll have a diploma to hang on my wall, in my parents’ basement. The truth is it’s better to have some form of higher education especially these days. Shoutout to the cart thing that sells coffee.