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Growing up

We live in a world of deadlines, taking breaths in between. We rush from one to the other, never really living our lives. As a student, I am referring mostly to assignments and homework although I know that adult, work life is not easier either. It’s not pleasant at all to drown in assignments. I have to admit though, a part of the blame is mine too. I have this nasty habit of procrastinating. Still, I think everyone would be grateful if we’d be given less homework.

It’s funny. When we are kids all we want is to grow up, thinking that adult life is so cool, going to sleep whenever you want to and crossing the road alone. Later in life you realize being an adult is not what you wanted, having rights comes responsibilities, an all-in-one package. Sitting at my desk, my tear soaked eyes closed, I try to imagine the times when I felt happy. The times when the sun would shine down on me and I would be running around in the park with the other kids. The times when all this was unknown to me. Then I open my eyes and find all this is still here and slowly even those memories of times long gone slip away, being replaced by this shit, everlasting. Sempiternal.

These days all I can do, when I hear a kid complain about how ‘lame’ it is to be a child, is to remind them to live their lives to the fullest because maybe they won’t like what comes next. Funny. That’s what people used to tell me when I was a kid and I never believed them.