Thoughts on 'Little Dark Age'

The new album by MGMT, Little Dark Age.

As far as their music goes, I can only say that I adore them. MGMT is back at it again with a new album, Little Dark Age. LDA is a fascinating palette of moods spanning over 10 songs, each with its own unique vibe. Every song they ever released resonated with me but this album has something more to it. The subtle disco-ish vibes of the entire thing and the musical notes in every single song evoke memories and feelings in me that I can't put a finger on. That's why I decided to make a #review about it.

The songs on Little Dark Age conjure faint memories of melodies from the past, without actually revealing enough for me to identify them.

... You should come with me We can lose ourselves in nothing Happy faces from the feed And we try to turn them into something Even if you choose to believe that it's empty You come back to me again You can go ahead and stop pretending

-TSLAMP, 5th song on the new album


Little Dark Age is a melancholic and somber album tuned to MGMT's own iconic flair of synth-pop, leaving you with a feeling that could be partially described as being nostalgia but can only be fully-comprehended by listening to their album.